Introducing Artist URL’s

We’ve now made it easier than ever for Artist’s to share their Tunefly profile to grow their fanbase. Artists have been able to share info about their profile directly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but now Artists and Fans can share a URL or link that takes potential fans directly to their Tunefly profile.

To share an Artist Profile

Tunefly Share Local Music For Artists

Scroll to the bottom of your profile and click the link option. URL’s are appear primarily like so: Note: If your band name is multiple words, a dash will separate the words.

For Fans

Go to the Artists profile and click “Share this Artist”. A pop up with the link will appear.

Our Mission

By connecting users to their own music scene upon signup, Tunefly creates this eco-system where Artist’s can thrive. At the heart of Tunefly is three classes of users, The Fan, The Venue and The Artists, all connected on Tunefly’s map AKA your scene, where Fans and Venues can find local Artists, and Artists can build a fanbase and cut their teeth at venues from their hometown outwards.

Using your location, Tunefly follows you where you go. So you’re never without local music.