Tunefly Tour | New Orleans

General consensus between the Tunefly and Going Up? Records crew — When can we move there?

We hit the ground running at this stop and filmed from dawn till midnight. So much so that it would be impossible to include everything in this spotlight video. In the meantime, download Tunefly, subscribe to Going Up? Records on YouTube and check out episode 03. Featuring another tune from Michael Gabriel and a song from the incredible band Tranche, who we are now honored to call friends.

Check out this recap from Lyz & Charlie:

Brace yourselves, you’re getting a TWO CITY UPDATE! The last two stops have just been so jam-packed nobody had time to write anything. Really. They’ve been that awesome.

Pulling into New Orleans was exciting. Despite the slightly rocky start to our trip, we all faced NOLA with the starry-eyed anticipation of children waiting for sugar-coated dough balls. Mainly because New Orleans is a city known for its sugar-coated dough balls and, well, we’re basically just really big children.

We were blown away by the art in New Orleans. You couldn’t walk down one block in the French Quarter without hearing at least six different artists through open bar doors. There were even more playing in and along the city streets, framed by stunning color and wrought iron gates on the old Victorian buildings. On Jackson square there were magicians, live statues, street performers, painters, and of course more musicians.

Have I mentioned this was all between 1 and 5 PM on a Monday?
Aside from sightseeing around what turned out to be an incredible music scene, we also met up with New Orleans artist, Tranche. Their quirky style and soulful tunes were nothing less than perfectly fitting to the rest of our day. They were also disgustingly friendly and gave the Tunesquad a ride so that we didn’t have to carry our equipment back to the RV in 80+ degrees. Stand up folks, and kick-ass musicians.

That night, we had some time to kill so we did what anyone would do in our situation. We took a bunch of instruments up onto the roof of the RV and held an impromptu parking lot concert!