Tunefly Tour | Nashville

A quick video recap of our day in #Nashville TN. We met and recorded with The Medium at their practice space. Needless to say they knocked our socks off.

We experienced some trouble on the road (Branch through window), and were ready to turn and around and hightail it home, but to our credit as a team and a shout out to NEPA Native and Nashville transplant Bob Lewis, we stuck it out and kept going. Check out this intimate performance at Bob’s house.

Music produced and mixed by Jordan Ramirez of Going Up? Records.

Check out this post from Lyz:

Long day. Short update.

We left Philadelphia Saturday evening and drove through the night into Nashville. The first half of Tennessee made for some beautiful driving, and the morning sunshine lighting up the fog in the Smokey Mountains was interrupted once or twice by heavy rain and some really cool clouds.

Reaching the city, our plans were once again set on their head. We ran into some issues coordinating with our artists, we got a little to close to some friendly shrubberies and busted out a side window on the RV, and we took off later than expected for New Orleans.

On the other hand, we connected with some really cool musicians, had an amazing hole-in-the-wall dinner to some live music at Brown’s Diner, and were blessed with an awesome and spontaneous recording session with the one and only Bob Lewis. Overall, I’d call the day a success.

I won’t lie, we’re about 48 hours into this trip and there are a few things that I wish would have gone differently. But this is the cost of discovering the incredible music we’ve discovered, and these are the things that make us stronger as a team, make the trip more interesting, and give us some stories that we’ll hopefully be able to laugh at by the time we get home.

As I write this, we’re about 30 minutes from New Orleans, and I can’t wait to see what we find. On behalf of the Tunesquad, and with special thanks to Tony and Justine Cresci, thanks for following. Just wait to see what we have for tomorrow!