Day 1: Philadelphia Recap

Today’s post is brought to you by me, Charlie (the guy with the jazz hands pictured below)

Day 1 kicked off with a fairly quick trip to Philadelphia to work with one of our nearest, dearest friends, Michael Stec. Despite being the shortest leg of our trip, it certainly proved to be anything but boring. Fun – sure. Scary – at times. Nerve-wracking – kinda. Boring – no, just no.

The day began with a pretty intense game of real-life Tetris to cram 8 people, their belongings, food, cameras, and the music equipment strategically into almost every square inch of storage space available in the RV. Surprisingly, it went fairly painlessly. Next, we thought we could get some great footage if we fastened one of our action cams to the roof of the RV. In theory, this was genius, but not so much in practice. About 6 minutes into driving and we were down 1 action cam. That said, should you find a Thieye camera on the Cross Valley Expressway near the Kingston on ramp – feel free to give us a call. The rest of the drive to Philadelphia went pretty well until we ran into a political rally downtown which caused some traffic issues that put our resident RV pilot, Joshua Slosky’s, skills to the test. Spoiler Alert: He did exceedingly well in some tricky situations! Amid all the ado of the traffic, the rally, and the loss of our prime promised parking spot, the music and camera crew jumped ship to get to work scouting some locations to shoot and managed to get the job done.

I’m a brighter side kinda guy, so overall, not a bad day. We learned a lot of valuable lessons: if it’s breakable – make sure it’s anchored, don’t sit under the bunk beds, moisten the suction cups on your action cam mount, have a backup parking spot for your 32′ vehicle, duct tape fixes almost everything, and probably most importantly – we simply cannot plan for every bump in the road, but between the creatives, quick thinkers, and cool cucumbers on-board, we’ll probably figure it out.

Sam is currently hard at work getting all of our photos and footage together. We’ll be posting more content from Philly including a rooftop performance from Michael Stec. Also we’re heading to Nashville! We’ll be getting together with Nashville natives The Medium. We’ll have all kinds of cool content to be seen and heard, so keep checking back!

<3 Charlie