[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] Tunefly announces cross-country recording tour.

March 25, 2017 – April 8, 2017

Buckle up, we’re hitting the road! Tunefly is packing up a mobile music studio and bringing it to a city near you. We’ll be making stops from coast to coast to expose some of the nation’s best indie musicians. Our mission is to record their music, learn their stories, and share the lives of emerging American musicians with the world.


March 25th – April 8th


– Philadelphia, PA

– Nashville, TN

– New Orleans, LA

– Austin, TX

– Phoenix, AZ

– Los Angeles, CA

– Las Vegas, NV

– Denver, CO

– Chicago, IL

– Pittsburgh, PA


You can also follow along via the Live Tour Updates page.


The whole Tunefly team will be traveling along with the musical geniuses at Going Up? records. Together, we will be recording, sharing, filming, and documenting every step of our journey.


Independent musicians make up the foundation of today’s music scene. They are the hometown heroes. The relentless promoters. The tryers of new things. They mean a lot to us. And we want to share them with the world.


Interested in recording with us? 

Get in touch at the contact page! We want to hear from you!

Interested in sponsoring? 

If you or your business offer financial or product sponsorships and would like some media coverage, get in touch. We want to work with you! Some things we’re going to need:

  • Beverages
  • Snacks and groceries
  • Paper goods (plates, bowls, paper towels, etc.)
  • Fuel and travel
  • Screen-printing

Thanks in advance from the Tunesquad. We’re incredibly excited about what 2017 holds, and we want to bring you along for the ride. Any media, funding, or promotional questions can be sent to Lyz at info@tunefly.com or (570) 258–5098.


Sam O’Connell – Co-Creator / CEO
Sam is the CEO and handles marketing, outreach, and “big picture” goal setting and tracking. He attended Pittsburgh U for filmography and has a professional background in graphic design. Sam quit his job earlier this year to be more available to Tunefly, and has since been our main man for content creation and social media outreach.


Matt Simoncavage – Co-Creator / CTO
Matt is our CTO and the brains behind the Tunefly app itself. He has a background in web and graphic design, but put his all into learning Javascript once Tunefly called upon him. He has a meticulous eye for design and development and spends every waking moment bug-fixing and app-sprucing. Matt is the Tunefly workhorse and we would never have made it this far without him.


Lyz Klein – Managment / CFO
Lyz is Tunefly’s CFO and a licensed CPA whose career has centered around small business. Sam and Matt brought her into the picture to help with some money questions, but she was crazy about the idea and they couldn’t get rid of her. She handles the books, tax compliance, and legal issues like copyright and licensing and DMCA notices. She had a successful accounting firm and has downsized it to dedicate her skills to Tunefly, even going as far to fire her one and only employee, and good friend, Charlie.


Charlie Lukasavage – Director of Sales
Charlie isn’t a founder, but is Tunefly’s first unofficial employee. He has a background in sales and customer accounts and has been a huge asset to Tunefly since joining us a few months ago. Right now he’s working for beer, but we promised we’d start paying him ASAP.




In early 2015, friends Matt and Sam realized there were some big problems with the way musicians shared their material. Something had to be done, so they came up with a plan and started building. By the end of the year, they had a prototype of what would become the world’s first self-contained mobile music community. In 2016, that prototype came to life.

Enter Tunefly.

Tunefly is to music what Instagram is to photography; a mobile community. The app lets users record, share, and interact with songs and playlists all from their phones. This app has been built on the AngularJS / Ionic platform and is currently available on iOS and Android.

Release Date – September 16, 2016

Price – Free!

Platforms – iOS App Store  |  Google Play Store

Links – www.facebook.com/tunefly  |  www.tunefly.com


Tunefly works like most social platforms — with posts!

Share original songs and discover new material from around the world. You can record your songs directly in the app and give them an audience in minutes. Customize your music posts with your own album artwork, caption and more.


Review songs, albums, or performances that you loved — spread the word! Let your followers know about newly discovered artists with review posts you can complete with a rating and artwork.


Still writing that next hit? Share words and photos! While you work on new music, hold your fans over with updates of studio progress, photos from your live sets or post an upcoming event so they can see you perform live.


Much More…

Mixtapes, music news, and exclusive video content are just a few of the awesome features you’ll find in the app. Tunefly Charts showcase musicians with new or popular material, and Tunefly Challenges encourage musicians to constantly be pushing the creative envelope. One of the most exciting breakthroughs has been Tunefly Live, which allows anyone on the app to discover live music, shows, concerts, and open mics happening near them.







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